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water through sliding door track

There were bad storms in chicago the other day and i noticed that water some coming through the sliding door track.  it didnt spill over because there are drainage points, but was wondering if the water coming throught the track was normal.

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Posted 2012-07-25T20:05:33+0000  by evetsalliv evetsalliv

Hello evetsalliy and welcome to the community!


I too am from the Chicagoland area, the last few rain storms that have gone through the area have been "hurricane like" storms with wind gusts hitting 80 MPH. I work in the Door & Window department at the Home Depot and I have been receiving tons of calls about water getting into the home near patio doors, windows and other areas.


Chicago area homes are not accustom used to such wind and rain conditions at the same time. If you are experiencing these types of leaks all of the time, then I would suggest you contact the manufacture of your product to see if the weather-stripping seals can be replaced. After a period of time the weather-stripping will wear out, loosen or tear thus causing the leak or air infiltration.



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Posted 2012-07-26T15:16:22+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

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Posted 2012-07-25T20:16:45+0000  by evetsalliv
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