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water water water.... ideas on gettting water to our mountain home

we recently bought a tract of land on the top of a tennessee mountain.  previous owners had already put electric (very thankful)  our problem is getting water water water........  there is no county water available... a well is a very very touchy subject because they can drill, but not a definate thing they will get a good water source.  we have thought about above ground water "holders" fed by rain water from gutters from the home and sheds.  of course this would not be pottable water ( non drinking water).  is there any other ways to make a good source of water.  there is a spring on the grounds, but it is undeveloped.  we are very very amatures on this subject, very limited funds, just need a good source of plentiful water.  not drinking water, just bathing water, water for the toilet, ect.  does anyone have a good answer to this problem.  our water problems are what are keeping us from our dream home place. 

thanks so much


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Posted 2012-05-16T13:22:17+0000  by sweetontweekty7 sweetontweekty7

Howdy Sweetontweekty7,


There are a few way to acheive what your trying to do.


First you need to figure out how much water you need to see what you need to make.

A water diverting system to sift large debris is a simple solution...

1spout (534x600).jpg


2)) Rain barrels or plastic trash cans are a simple way to collect rainwater.



3) Perhaps contacting your local water company or city planners for ideas of pump systems for the undeveloped spring would be the way to go. Even if there is a sizable cost, it will pay for itself "quick, fast, and in a hurry".


spring (600x503).jpg


Happy Water Hunting,




Posted 2012-05-17T20:00:06+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

:smileyhappy:thanks so much

Posted 2012-05-22T12:49:55+0000  by sweetontweekty7

Howdy Sweetontweeky7,


Glad I could help. If you have any more questions just let the community know.


Please let us know what the outcome of the "water to mountain home" project is...this will no doubt help others who might have similar concerns.


"Hope to see you in the aisles"

Posted 2012-05-24T19:55:20+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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