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Is it recommended to water plants at night time?
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Posted 2015-03-31T02:43:09+0000  by samiam4 samiam4
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Weather conditions will create different watering problems at different times of the year. This past winter, when my subdivision left the automatic sprinkler system on during freezing temperatures, a traffic hazard was created when the road froze over.

When temperatures are in the 80s at night this summer, fungus will grow if there is enough moisture on the grass.

Watering at  night can present problems. Watering at night will promote fungal development on the grass.

To avoid excess moisture on your lawn, apply water early in the morning. The coolest temperatures of the day are just after sunrise, and applying water during this time will avoid evaporation while exposing the blades of grass to the sun, so that the excess moisture will dry from the leaves, thus avoiding fungal growth.

Watering the lawn in the morning allows the water to soak into the soil and the sun will dry the moisture from the foliage of the grass.

Potted plants should be watered at the soil level since most plants do not need their leaves to get wet. Of course, there are exceptions, such as orchids and ferns, but generally speaking, water onto the soil of most plants to keep their foliage dry.

Evening watering of potted plants and plants that will not get their leaves wet is acceptable, but morning watering is best.

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Posted 2015-03-31T12:43:50+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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