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we are leasing an apartment and want to do a faux brick accent wall how would you go about doing tha

we are leasing an apartment and want to do an accent wall.. the problem is we want to faux brick can you give me advice on how we would go about doing this ?

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Posted 2014-01-31T02:07:28+0000  by melaniew418 melaniew418




You might want to consider a brick patterned wallpaper. There is such a pre-pasted , strippable , textured,  brick patterned wallpaper on the Home Depot online catalog. Just type "brick patterned wallpaper" in the search box. The wall paper works out to a little less than a dollar per square foot. A sample swatch can be bought  and sent to your home.


If the wall is well sealed before  the paper is hung, it should remove fairly cleanly, leaving only the paste to wash off before repainting.


Just an idea for your consideration.

Posted 2014-01-31T04:42:38+0000  by ordjen

Great Question melaniew418!


Faux typically consists of a solid base color with a see-through glaze color on top.


However, you have a third color when creating faux brick ... the mortar line color.




1) Paint a full coat of satin paint in the mortar line color (probably a medium gray);

2) Allow to fully dry, then use one-fourth inch tape to cover the mortar lines ... leaving each brick-size rectangle exposed;

3) Mix one-part brick base-color (maybe a dusky red) with four-parts faux glaze;

4) Sponge the brick base-color, using a rag in your opposite hand to dab off excess glaze before going to the wall;

5) Leave the tape in place and allow the glaze to dry fully;

6) Then mix one or two "secondary colors" to add small splashes of color over the dusky red glaze;

7) The key to this step is to sparsely use just a hint of color here and there ... look at a brick for a visual guideline; and

8) And, after the multi-color brick dries, carefully remove the tape to reveal the mortar lines.


These steps are guidelines and will produce great results!


However, I always recommend trying a sample board before completing the full project.




I (and everyone else on The Community) want to see your handiwork!


So, come back and share photos as well as your ideas about what worked best!



Click the link to jump to a video in which I use grapes and the spiky head of a pineapple as faux tools ... you'll have to scroll down the thread slightly to see the video.

Posted 2014-01-31T19:23:47+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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