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we have fluorescent lights in our kitchen and would like to change to regular bulbs.

We have fluorescent lights in our kitchen and want to change to regular bulbs, will this reguire new wiring OR we can use existing? HELP

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Posted 2013-11-16T01:46:11+0000  by lynnebrands lynnebrands

Good afternoon lyneebrands,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


You definitely can change out your existing fluorescent lights for new updated fixtures of your choice. The only thing you really need to be concerned is if and what kind of junction box that you have now.


The junction box may not hold up your current lights, but it will for whatever new ones you wish to use. I would suggest first to cut off the power leading to your fluorescent light. Take the fixture down and inspect to see where the wire that is powering the light is coming from.


It should be coming from a round hole in the ceiling. This hole should be the junction box. You may need to get attic access to see how the box is installed. You may not have to replace it, but one that is nailed into the wood rafters may need a better one.


The box should look something similar to the image below.


I say this because if the new fixture you choose is heavy, you'll need to make sure the junction box is rated for it. I know it sounds like a lot now to inspect the junction box, but for heavy fixtures...its very important.


So in short, yes you can use existing wiring. But, just as if not more important is finding out if and what type of junction box is in the ceiling where the wires come out.


Did you have a particular fixture or type of light that you would like to replace in your kitchen? Let me know, and I can get you squared away with more information so you can get it installed safely and securely.

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Please let me know if you have any additional information,


Posted 2013-11-16T17:17:36+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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