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what do I need to make a 12x12 dog run

can you make me a list of all items needed to make a 12x12 dog run with a door, please.

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Posted 2013-04-12T03:14:44+0000  by rochajoeanna rochajoeanna

Hi rochajoeanna,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our Community.  For a moveable 12x12 dog run, which would be 6 ft high, you will need:


  1. 7- 6ft sections of prefab chain link
  2. 1- 6ft section with door
  3. Two clamps per section would equal at least 16 clamps
  4. Extra carriage bolts

Dog Run Chainlink 7x12x6.jpgChainlink Fence Clamps.jpgChainlink Carriage Bolts (10 Pack).jpg


If you want to make this a fixed dog run, then you will need:



  1. 4 - 8ft galvanized fence poles; each set 18-24 inches deep into a pre-dug hole with Quick Crete.
  2. At least 8 bags of Quikrete to set posts
  3. One 50 ft roll of chain link
  4. 7 -  6ft  galvanized top rails
  5. 4 corner posts
  6. 4 – corner post kits
  7. Chain-link Tension wire for bottom of fence
  8. Chain-link ties: 1-2 bags
  9. 2 -8  6ft chain link tension bars (Depending on if your wrap it or do separate sections with corner post kits)
  10. 16 Rail ends for top rails
  12. 8 Dome caps
  13. Extra carriage bolts
  14. Chain link puller
  15. Chain link Galvanized 3 hook stretcher


 Chainlink line post 8 ft.jpgQuikrete 50lb fast-setting concrete mix.jpgChainlink corner post kit.jpgChainlink 6ftX50ft 11.5 Ga.jpgChain link Galvanized end rail cap.jpg


Chainlink top rail.jpgChainlink ties.jpgChainlink Tension wire.jpgChainlink dome caps.jpgChainlink 6ft Galvanized tension bar.jpgChainlink Carriage Bolts (10 Pack).jpgChainlink Galvanized 36 inch steel 3 hook strectcher.jpg Chainlink Cable puller.jpg

Here is a link with some more details: Chain link fencing


As you can see, it is a lot simpler to get the pre-fab unit.  If you ever decide to move the dog run, the pre-fabricated fencing will be a lot simpler to deal with.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Be sure to take pictures of your project as it progresses and share them with the rest of the community in our Project Library under “I Did This”.


This has been another of,

Posted 2013-04-12T22:37:43+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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