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what do you use to put a round hole in a 3/4 inch square dowel.

3/4 inch square dowel to make a 1/4 inch round hole 1-1/4 inches deep

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Posted 2013-12-27T03:06:58+0000  by eve23 eve23

Hi Eve,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.  Happy Holidays!


The best way to put your desired hole in your square dowel would be to use a Drill Press with a wood bit the size of your desired insert.  For a Hanger bolt, make the hole slightly smaller than the hanger bolt. 

                                                     Hanger bolt.jpg

If you do not have a drill press or do not have access to one, your next best choice would be to clamp your piece of wood to a table using Wood Clamps, A set of C- Clamps, Spring Clamps or Vise Grips


                                     Drill Press by WEN.jpg


Adjustable wood clamp.jpgC-Clamp.jpgSpring Clamp.jpg

Vise-Grip.jpgC-Clamp Vise Grip.jpg




 Using one of the above clamps, attach the dowel to a flat surface with the end you want to drill the hole in hanging over the side about3-4 inches. Once you have your wood secured, use a small pointy center punch to put a small center hole in the center of your piece of wood for a spot to start your hole.  

                                                         Center Punch.jpg

To find the center of your square dowel, make an  X  on the end you  want to drill.  Start your X on one corner and end at the opposite corner.  Repeat this process on the other corner.  Once you have made your X, use the center punch to mark the spot where you want to drill your hole.  


If you are using a cordless or an electric hand held drill, you can use a line level and tape it on the top of the drill to make sure that you are drill a straight hole into the dowel.

Cordless drill-DeWALT.jpg Line Level.jpgElectric Drill-Milwaukee.jpg


Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Have a happy and safe new year!

Posted 2013-12-27T20:33:49+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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