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what is the best to stain or paint basment concrete floor?

Im going to do basement myself is painting or staining the floor betterfor ware and tare? We had glue on the floor and had someone clean it up should we sand it before we stain it?

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Posted 2013-08-09T20:56:56+0000  by Mancave Mancave

You should sand down those areas that had the glue.  


I suggest using a solid color stain or floor paint like 1 part epoxy to coat the floor.  Those areas that had glue on them will still have glue present below the surface of the cement and will show up when a semi-transparent stain or acid stain is applied.


BEHR Premium 1-Gal. #902 Slate Gray 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint     BEHR Premium 1-Gal. White Solid Color Concrete Stain

Posted 2013-08-11T14:50:42+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
Before putting anything on the floor, make sure the surface is completely clean. You don't have to stain the floor but make sure the surface used a penetrating cleaner and etcher, if necessary. Follow the prep directions on the label of the paint you purchased.

Before painting, you want to apply a waterproofing sealer. The #1 reason paint will flake and peel early is because moisture comes up through the pores of the concrete and builds up below the paint. Applying a sealer like the Armor S2000 or Armor SX5000 will stop moisture from penetrating through the pores and help to protect and extend the life of the paint.

When it comes to the paint. Consider using an epoxy infused acrylic. If you are worried about wear and tear I am assuming there is a fair amount of traffic that goes over the floor? For that reason, you need something stronger than a latex. Another alternative would be a polyaspartic coating.
Posted 2013-08-22T12:15:49+0000  by FoundationArmor

Not sure what they used on the floor but there is still some sticky feeling and the green is still showing. Should I use a diamond puffer to get the rest of that off? What product should I use to make sure the stain will penatrat through the concrete?


Posted 2013-08-22T13:29:58+0000  by Mancave

Hello Mancave!


I love your screen-name!


You nailed it when you asked, "What product should I use to make sure the stain will penetrate through the concrete?"


More than any other thing you do, ensuring the stain will absorb into the cement is the key to uniform color as well as longevity.


Products described as "etchers" are mild acids that remove a thin layer from the surface of the cement and open the pores so the cement will accept your coating.


Stains are penetrating sealers that must absorb into the surface to do their job.


Try Behr Cleaner Etcher or a solution of muriatic acid diluted with water.


Wear safety goggles, chemical gloves, long-sleeve shirts and full-length pants to protect you from these acidic solutions.


Scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush, rinse with fresh water, and use a shop-vac to remove the rinse from your floor.


I recommend as many as three water rinses to ensure you do not leave acid on your floor.


Caution: the solution inside your shop-vac will be harmful if spilled or poured out onto other surfaces.


Use plenty of fresh water to further dilute and clean your shop-vac.


Once the floor is clean and dry, you're ready to apply stain.


Behr recommends two coats of their solid color concrete stain.

Posted 2013-08-22T15:18:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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