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what is the best way to fix nail holes in a textured wall?

I Just moved into a house that has nail holes in several walls that I would like to get rid of, the problem is the walls are covered in a texturing, how can i plug the holes but not have smooth spots in the texture?

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Posted 2013-04-23T01:20:18+0000  by Jibbur Jibbur




You simply patch nail holes with your finger. Do not use a spackle knife and fill in the "valleys" of the texture around the whole. Push the spackling compound in the hole. While the compound is wet, wipe the edges to blend the material into the surrrounding texture. Use a dampened piece of smooth fabric such as T-shirt jersey. Once dry, the compound can be sanded, but cannot be blended as suggested. Sanding will result in a visible flat spot! Depending on the texture, the wet compound can be also textured with something like a wet Q-Tip.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-04-23T05:06:00+0000  by ordjen
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