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what is the best way to repair a drywall crack above doorways and below windows?

I've veiwed some youtube videos about this type of repair and now need some help deciding the best approach to repairing these cracks, as I have numerous cracks in my house.  I'd like to know whether paper or mesh tape is stronger also.


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Posted 2014-01-27T02:14:29+0000  by DeanKaufman DeanKaufman




I personally prefer the use of fiberglas tape for most repairs, especially the extra thin version which is available.

One of the problems with patching is that you have to of neccessity raise the level of the drywall surface a little. The thin fiberglas allows for minimal build up. It also allows the drywall mud to be forced through the tape itself into the crack.


Drywall tape normally requires that you fill the crack and then apply a thin coat of the mud to the surface which acts as the adhesive to keep the tape in place. Again, this raises the level of the patch relative to the surrounding area.


Regular drywall mud is the preferred patching material. It adheres and sands well. It blends into the surrounding surface well when a damp sponge is run around the edge of the sanded mud. This is especially important if your walls are textured, as a merely sanded edge leaves a discernable edge which can show through the touch-up texture.


Again I prefer fiberglas mesh as never breaks, although it can wrinkle if movement  of the wall continues. Too often, tape will let go or break open. It this case the paper tape must be removed and the repair started over.


If corners are being repaired, it is much easier to get a sharp, clean corner using drywall paper tape.


In either case, the repair is started by raking out the crack a little. Once opened up, I like to take a brush and force a little water into the break. This helps the new mud adhere to the gypsum of the drywall. Of course, the surface has to then be wiped dry to get the self-adhesive fiberglas tape to stick. The mud can be forced right on through the open mesh of the fiberglas tape. When dry, the patch is topped off and feathered out into the adjoining wall.


If the crack shows movement of the drywall edge(s) on either side of the crack, the ball game has changed and the drywall must be either secured or a section removed and replaced.


Hope this has helped somewhat.

Posted 2014-01-27T04:13:22+0000  by ordjen
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