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what is the cheapest piece of wood that i can put on the bottom of a drawer

I have this cabinet and it has a piece to me that looks like cardboard for the bottom of the drawer. I want to get a cheap piece of wood for the bottom of the drawer to hold the items in the drawer. the rest is made of of wood, i have nails and hammer do not have many tools. I wish home depot u bring in ur project and they help u and do it for you. please help...I want to fix my cabinet.

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Posted 2013-05-12T22:56:21+0000  by gruttracy gruttracy

While you could nail a piece of thin plywood to the bottom of the drawer, it might cause the drawer not to fit in it's opening properly.  Is there any chance this is a ready to assemble type product where the drawer would come apart?


Home Depot won't help you fix things.  You might find an employee who has some experience is this kind of stuff but that's far from guaranteed.


Maybe a local handyman could help you with your repair...

Posted 2013-05-13T03:45:24+0000  by Adam444
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