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what is the easiest way to remove knockdown textured paint from walls

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Posted 2014-02-02T04:48:42+0000  by mandy37 mandy37




There is not easiest way to remove it. There are only less nightmareish :(


Your choices are to either replace the drywall, or top off the entire area with drywall mud and or "hot mud". Hot mud is the dry mix drywall compound that dries chemically, rather than air drying. Its advantages are great adhesion, quick drying and very little schrinking or cracking. It comes in different drying times from 5 minutes to 120 minutes. There are also easy sanding versions  which are preferable.


If you go the hot mud route, quickly go over the wall with a sanding  with 100 grit paper block to knock down any high spots. High spots will cause your drywall knife to chatter, resulting in ridges that will have to be sanded out.


Buy a wide drywall knife, rather than using a regular spackle knife. Also, buy a drywall mud trough. These can be filled with mud and allow the knife to be quickly loaded up with the proper amount of mud. 


It will probably take three coats to smooth out the wall. You will mix the hot mud to the consistency of normal drywall compound. The first coat probably will not need to be sanded, but merely again the high spots knocked down with the drywall knife. Give a second coat of the hot mud. This coat you will want to sand to see how much topping off will be neccessary. Finally, top of the wall with regular "topping' compound. Topping compound is much easier to sand than regular drywall joint compound.


Hot mud does harden to the touch in the  stated time, however, it takes an hour or two for the water to evaporate to the point whee it will sand nicely, without clogging your sandpaper or sanding screen. Do use a sanding block. Sanding with the bare hand will cause a wavy finish.


Once the final coat has been sanded, the wall should be primed with drywall primer and then painted.


This is actually not brain surgery, but it is a lot or work and mess with lots of dust created. You might just want to learn to love knockdown or start looking for a new house.


Good luck and dont shoot the mesenger :(

Posted 2014-02-02T07:50:05+0000  by ordjen

Thanks for the advice, i had a feeling it was not going to be easy! focused on the end result:smileyhappy:

Posted 2014-02-02T14:05:27+0000  by mandy37
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