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what is the least expensive way to reduce noise on a wall7x7

what is the least expensive way to reduce noise on a 7x7 wall

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Posted 2013-10-30T20:52:14+0000  by jackedward jackedward

Hi Jackedward,


You may try hanging a blanket on the wall, this type of heavy textile is a great sound absorber. Rugs work even better.


Carpet remnants can be had relatively inexpensively, can be cut to size and hung on the wall. They can also be had in a color that will compliment the room decor.


An extra layer of drywall will help dampen the sound, as will special sound barrier panels which you can purchase at your local Home Depot.


Let us know what worked for you.



Posted 2013-10-31T17:08:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Howdy jackedward,


The idea of reducing noise is usually to absorb or reflect noise. This means the material, design, and density are all factors in how well this can reduce noise. So let's discuss some ideas to get you started;


1) I usually recommend using a piece of 7X7 drywall that would be glued on with a silcone adhesive. This would add mass to the existing wall and the silicone based adhesive will keep most unwanted sound waves from being transferred because of it's elasticity. This would also require painting the drywall to match all the other walls.





2) A tried and true fix I've used over the years is a bookcase. This works great because it moves around to any wall you need to. The more bookcases the better I always say.




3) The other ideas requires either hooks for removing or a want to have carpeting on walls. This is what many rehearsal studios use and it does the job. A certain entertainer even used it in "The Jungle Room" so who am I to question it's use?




Let us know how it turns out and even post some pics to show us how it turns out.


Happy insulating,


Posted 2013-10-31T17:30:57+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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