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what is the maximum load i can put on those glass tiles like you see in bar windows

im about to put a window in my red brick wall and remove the bricks and replace them with the glass tiles to let some light in my basement bedroom and i need to know the installation procedures andif its even possible because its likei said in the basement

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Posted 2013-08-26T00:02:20+0000  by charles85 charles85

Howdy Charles85



If you're considering a basement renovation as a way to expand your living space, don't be surprised if your building-codes office has some requirements. This project is not for the absolute beginner so you might think about hiring a licensed contractor that can do this job for you like "Redbeacon" who is Home Depot approved referral service that can find you a licensed contractor to do it for you.


Preparing to install an egress window system starts with confirming the location of all utility services before digging. Other obstacles that interfere with digging and sawing, such as power lines, phone lines, roof overhang, down spouts, sprinkler systems, trees, etc. should be located. In addition, the width and height of the window and the wall thickness and type, whether it is block or poured concrete, must be confirmed.


To cut concrete walls out for egress basement windows, you will need masonry tools. Safety first, turn off electricity for basement before you start. Now drill holes outside where you want to place the window. Check inside where you've drilled for pipes and electrical lines. Outline where the window will be placed and drill pilot holes. Dig the area where the egress will be and begin working on the masonry to cut the window.


First, mark a centerline on the wall above the window. A hole must be dug so it is centered across the window opening. The hole should be at least 4 feet wide (1 foot wider than the width of the window) and 1 foot deeper than the sill. The hole should extend out from the wall 1 foot greater than the height of the window, which would allow the window to fit inside the well, if necessary.


Prior to cutting the basement wall opening, you should be sure the wall is a load-bearing building component. If there


Next, auger a hole into the soil in the bottom of the excavation next to the foundation at least 12 inches deep and insert a corrugated drain tile into the hole. Ideally, the drain tile should be tied into the building’s lateral foundation drainage system using a T-connector. This will serve as drainage for the window well.


Some excess drain tile should be left above the ground to be trimmed later. Fill the bottom of the excavated hole with at least 8 inches of pea gravel to 3 1/2 inches below the wall opening. Level the gravel and trim the corrugated hose just above the gravel base.


Of course, the primary benefit of a deep window is an easily accessible opening through which you can escape or a firefighter can enter in the event of a basement fire.

Posted 2013-09-20T00:20:44+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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