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what kind of paint should i use on faux wood paneling?

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Posted 2018-04-10T07:02:34+0000  by ber ber

Hello ber and welcome to the Community.


You should use a high performance water based primer for example Bulls Eye 1-2-3.


For the topcoat use an acrylic latex paint like Behr Premium Plus, that will adhere to the wood better. It is also flexible enough to not peel or crack as the wood contracts naturally.



Below are the steps to follow when painting faux paneling.

Paneling tends to be very smooth and is sealed better than other types of wood.  Therefore, it is important to lightly sand the surface with 100 grit sand paper.  This will allow the primer to adhere to the surface.  Wipe down the paneling to remove the dust.


Use a primer to both helps the paint cover more evenly and allows for less absorption of the paint.  If you are painting with a dark color, tint the primer. This step will reduce the number of top coats needed.

Repair any holes, dents or if you want to remove the grooves, apply spackle or the wood filler after the primer coat.  Let dry per package  instructions and sand lightly.  Then again, prime the spackled areas.

One type of multi purpose spackle and patching compound is MH Ready Patch.


With your top coat, cutting in with a paint brush about three inches from edges, corners and ceiling.  While the cut in area is still wet, use your roller to paint the rest of the surface and to blend the brush strokes.  If you have decided to leave the grooves now is the time to paint the grooves with a brush.  Then once more run the roller over the grooves.


If you need a second coat, make sure you allow plenty of time for the first coat to dry completely.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2018-04-10T14:18:17+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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