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what kind of sealer do you use on a concrete basement floor that was painted 40 years ago

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Posted 2013-09-05T02:01:08+0000  by Buick Buick



A painted floor should need no other sealer. The easiest route would be to simply continue with a fresh coat of paint after appropriate preparation.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2013-09-05T04:30:54+0000  by ordjen

Thank you.  It is chipping off in some places........... I'm sure I will need to scrap it.  What kind of paint should I use so it isn't slick to walk on?

Posted 2013-09-05T21:18:38+0000  by Buick




If your paint is 40 years old and "slick", I highly suspect it is an oil based porch and deck enamel. When they are wet or covered with fine sawdust, as was mine, you can take a nasty fall (and I did) !


The easiest would be to stay with an oil based paint. It makes a very hard, durable surface. You will also probably have better adhesion going over the old slick oil paint with new oil. You will want to clean and scuff sand the old finish. Oil paints "feather out" around the chipped areas much better than latex paints. You will then want to spot prime the bare concrete in the chipped areas with the paint itself. Once the spots are dry, give the entire floor a coating. using a fine knap roller.


As to having a less slick surface: you can get a lower sheen floor paint.  You can also put traction grit in the paint. This is a very fine silica sand which is hardly noticeable in the paint surface, but gives far better traction under foot.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-09-06T04:13:39+0000  by ordjen
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