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Building Materials

what materials do i need?

I have a project planned for when it gets warmer outside. I have a granite slab of about a foot wide and about an inch thick and then I have 7 square 3" on all four sides and about an inch thick, I want to make a table out of it but not sure where to start. I know I need grout, something to butter the back of the pieces and some wood to put it on but I'm not sure of the specifics. Thanks soo much for any replies!
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Posted 2015-04-11T12:29:59+0000  by Hollan Hollan
Hello Hollan,

Community associate Joseph_HD_ATL did a detailed write-up awhile ago doing a very similar project. In his project he started off with an existing table and then refinished and tiled it. You can see the results below and find the write up on the project here.

Now in your case since you'll be using thick marble instead of tile some of these steps won't be used as much. The important parts of the write-up are those regarding reinforcing the table for weight and grouting. 

You listed that you had marble all 1" thick with seven 3" x 3" squares. I'm missing a dimension on the large slab you described. You stated the width is 1' and thickness is 1" but didn't mention the length. 

I would approach this project with building a table frame or like Joseph's project re-purpose an existing table with reinforcement. 

If you would prefer one course over another let us know and we can help you figure out the best course of action from there. Make sure to get back to us as we love to help with projects like this.

Posted 2015-04-13T15:04:50+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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