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what preparation is needed for behr deck restore paint

Hi what kind of prep work is needed for the new restore paint that is made by behr? 

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Posted 2013-08-25T16:18:31+0000  by thecanman61 thecanman61



The Behr product is called "Deck Over". The other deck restoring product by rustoleum is called "Restore".


Behr would prefer that you be down to bare, sound wood to enable the DeckOver to bond directly to it. It can be placed over existing finishes that are tight and in good condition. However, the bond of the DeckOver is then largely to the old finish, and not the deck. Should the old finish let go in the future, the DeckOver will come up with it.


Otherwise, preparation is largely the same as for other finishes, if  perhaps not so intensive. Clean, get rid of algae and mildew, and excessive graying of the wood. Once dry, you should be basically ready to stain.


If you have large cracks or screw craters that you wish to fill, behr suggests you pre-stain these areas one or two times before giving the two general over coats.


One of the nice features of DeckOver is that it is applied wih normal latex brushes and rollesr and normal staining tecniques are utilized. There are application videos available on both the Behr website and You Tube.


Posted 2013-08-25T17:44:46+0000  by ordjen

All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and free of any dirt, oil, and grease before application. I suggest an all in one wood cleaner or a bleach/detergent mixture to kill any mildew and break down any surface dirt.


BEHR Premium 1-gal. All In One Wood Cleaner


apply the DECOVER once the surface is dry.






Posted 2013-08-25T18:12:44+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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