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what saw is required to install hinges on a door?

I'm replacing a bathroom door. In the past I've had trouble installing the door hinges. I used a wood chisel to fit the hinges, but I know there has to be better way. I thought I remembered hearing about something about a "router"?

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Posted 2013-05-14T00:31:04+0000  by jpoe jpoe

What you want to do is pretty exacting work.  If the hinge mortises on the door don't match those on the jamb, you'll never  hang the door.  Frankly, all you really need is a good, sharp chisel but if you want to go the power tool route, you need a router.  Just about any router will do, it doesn't need to be very powerful because you're removing so little wood.  If you don't want to invest in a new router, try Craigslist.  In addition to a router, you'll need a hinge template.  I use the Porter-Cable #59370 and it works very well and isn't particularly expensive ($30 or so including a bit).  I would suggest practicing with the router and template on some scrap wood.  The edge of a 2x4 will approximate a door edge.


Once you're comfortable with the tool, take off the old door.  Use some blue painter's tape and label the old door - inside, outside, top, bottom.  Do the same with the new door.  Notice on the old door that the hinge mortises extend to the face of the door on only one side.  


Put both doors on edge, side by side, aligning the TOP of the doors EXACTLY.  You may want to clamp them together.  Carefully, using a square transfer the end of each hinge mortise from the old door to the new door.  Then proceed to cut your mortises using the template (and instructions included with the template).  If you have square hinges, you'll need to square up the edges of the mortises with a chisel.  The template can handle round corner hinges.  Screw in the hinges and hang the door.


Good luck!



Posted 2013-05-14T01:10:18+0000  by Adam444
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