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what to use on outside wall

I just bought this house cheap.I have completly gutted the insidr and now i am going to take it all the way to the studs.The outside hsa the 2" wood overlap siding with nothing behind that so I am taking it off.Can I use 7/16 osb then put Tyveck house wrap over that? what are the proper materials to use?

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Posted 2012-04-16T04:00:27+0000  by itskillinme itskillinme

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I would lean more towards CDX plywood than OSB. Existing shiplap siding that you have now it’s not just cladding it is structural as well and it’s tying all of the walls together. Typically 15/32 or ½” CDX plywood it’s used for the exterior sheathing and in my opinion does much better job that OSB. With OSB you may need to add corner bracing or use plywood for the corners and ½ OSB (not 7/16) everywhere else.


In any case I would suggest running this by your local building department. Depending on the local codes they may also require some additional bracing requirements that are specific to your area.


Do not remove all of the shiplap at once.


Start from the bottom up, one wall at the time, and go about 4’ feet high (width of the plywood sheet).You don’t want to take all of the siding off at once –walls can shift from the weight of the roof.


 Any house wrap will work as long as joints are overlapped and taped.


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Posted 2012-04-16T18:01:10+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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