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what type of paint should I use on my exterior wooden shed?

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Posted 2013-09-16T16:10:59+0000  by mackie mackie

Hello Mackie!


Thank you for your question! The exact kind of paint that you use for your shed is ultimately up to you. The only requirement is that it is an exterior grade paint. There are quite a few exterior paints for you to choose from.


1. If you are making a drastic color change (like white to red) you may want to consider using a paint and primer in one. At our stores, we sell two: Behr Ultra and Behr Marquee. Both of these paints are durable and long lasting. The Behr Marquee is the new, updated version of the Behr Ultra. Additionally, Marquee is rain ready in 1 hour and has better dirt resistance than the Ultra. 


2. If you don't need a paint and primer in one we have exterior grade paint in Behr, Glidden and America's Finest paints.


Typically, people that I speak with about painting sheds will use either a flat finish or a satin finish. A satin finish is easier to clean than a flat, but it is shinier.


If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :)

Posted 2013-09-16T19:19:29+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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