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what type of wire to use in plastic conduit?

What type of wire to use in plastic conduit?  I'm running wire from outside service panel to a small barn.
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Posted 2016-06-23T16:40:15+0000  by rottenrobby rottenrobby

Hi Rottenrobby, welcome to the community. You would run THHN or THWN wire in the appropriate gauge. Remember safety first and if your unsure about working with electricity, you should hired a licensed electrical contractor. Also you should check with your local building department to ensure you get the correct information on current codes. 

Thank you again for joining the community and please come back to us with your project questions.

Posted 2016-06-23T17:49:35+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
Since you'll be putting the conduit in the ground, you'll need to use wire rated for wet locations which would be type THWN (although the vast majority of THHN wire is also rated THWN).  PVC conduit needs to be buried at least 18".  Are you installing a subpanel in the barn?  If so, you'll need to pull 4 wires (hot, hot, neutral, ground) and you'll also need to put in ground rods.  Depending on how far the barn is away from the service panel, voltage drop can also be an issue. 
Posted 2016-06-23T22:26:07+0000  by Adam444
Hello rottonrobby.

You may find a wire size and voltage drop calculator handy when choosing the size of wire to install.

I generally want to use a run that has a voltage drop no greater than 3%, which often will upgrade the wire I use at least one size.  The longer the run, the larger the wire (smaller gauge #) you will need.

You can find a couple of calculators here:



Posted 2016-06-24T17:29:12+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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