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when to pick vegetables

None of the seed packets tell us when to pick veggies?
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Posted 2015-08-05T14:31:42+0000  by laeeq laeeq

Hello Iaeeq and welcome to the Community.

There are several factors that contribute to determining when particular vegetables will be ready to harvest.  The type of vegetable itself, region of the country, soil type, temperature, moisture, and sunlight to mention a few. 

If you open up this link to Home Depot vegetables seeds you will find a wide variety of seed available.  Clicking on the photo of the vegetable you are interested in, then open up the specification tab.


to get details like the chart below.


This chart was for the yellow squash.  You can see that the max. time from bloom to harvest is 14 weeks.

You can also find a great deal of information from visiting the Home Depot Garden Club.


If you have more questions about a particular vegetable please send me a note with details about your garden.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2015-08-06T16:57:44+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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