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where do I find plans for a porch

i live in the country and am wanting to build a coverd porch on my trailer and ould like to know where to find plans

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Posted 2013-10-28T06:11:08+0000  by ronaldw ronaldw

Howdy Ronald,

Building a porch is not your usual weekend warrior project. If you are comfortable with building things...let's get started.


Your first step would be to reach out to your local code enforcement office and inquire about stair riser and tread code. Depending on the area most codes call for maximum of 7-3/4” risers and minimum of 10-1/2 “inch treads. But again contact your local office and inquire what specifically applies to yours.


This said you would divide you total height and determine number of risers needed. In your case let’s say to make things simple you’ve got three 7” risers and three 11” treads. These would be considered very comfortable stairs.


Knowing number of the treads and the depth of the tread you can determine how far first step is going to come out from the side of the porch. Location of the first step would need to be constructed in such mater that it can support the weight and resist the frost movement if present in your area. You would need a concrete footing under your first step.


To achieve this footing needs to be placed bellow the frost line- again one more thing to inquire about.

This is a very important step and it should not be avoided. If you are to pour this on two different days it is a good practice to leave rebar dowels standing proud every 6”-8” inches in the footing. See my genius drawing;



So here is a link to pages for ideas on building a deck.





Step 1: Locate footing positions

Establish footing positions around concrete pad

Footing positions were established around the concrete pad surrounding a pool. The low-level deck on each side of the pool is 30-feet long and 8-feet wide; 2x8 framing will be used on this low-level deck. Smaller-dimension framing requires more footings than larger-dimension framing. Batterboards and mason's string lines were used to locate footing positions.


Estimated time for a novice (with a helper) to lay out footing locations for each side of the deck: 7-9 hours.


Step 2: Dig holes for footing posts and set in concrete

Dig holes with power auger

Ten holes for 8-inch-diameter footings for each deck side were dug with a power auger. Each hole is 48-inches deep to get below the local frost line. Tube forms were required for the footings. Concrete was delivered by truck and pumped to the footing locations. Post anchors for 4x4 posts were installed after the concrete cured for 48 hours.


Estimated time (for each side): 10-12 hours.


Step 3: Plumb the posts and add landscape rock

Posts were Plumbed & temporarily braced

4x4 posts were plumbed and temporarily braced in position. A water level was used to establish post heights, and each post was trimmed to accurate length. The ground slopes away from the concrete pad so the outer posts are longer than the inner posts. Landscape rock was added to cover the area after posts were installed but before framing was completed.


Estimated time (for each side, not including ground cover): 7-9 hours.


Step 4: Begin framing the deck

Build the beams on top of the posts

Double 2x8 beams were built in place on top of the posts. They were attached to the posts with adjustable post caps. A 45-degree beam was installed in each corner. Decking will be attached around the deck perpendicular to the joists. The diagonal beam will support joists meeting from both directions.


Estimated time (for one side, including a 45-degree beam): 10-12 hours


Step 5: Continue framing the deck with rim and inner joists

Install rim and inner joists

2x8 rim joists and inner joists were installed. Inner joists were attached to the 45-degree beam with 45-degree joist hangers.


Estimated time (for one side): 14-16 hours.


Step 6: Install ledger and framing for box stair

Install ledger and framing for a box stair

A ledger and framing for a box stair were installed. The front edge of the stair rests on the concrete pad. A 45-degree header joist was installed between box-stair sections in each deck corner.


Estimated time (for one side, including the stair framing in a corner): 12-14 hours.


Step 7: Install decking

Install the deck

Five 4x6 decking was installed on the deck and the box stair perpendicular to the joists. Seams between boards were staggered between adjacent rows of decking. The board ends meeting in the corner are mitered at 45-degree angles. Decking was fastened with deck screws.


Estimated time (for one side, including decking on one side of a corner): 6-8 hours.


Step 8: Install railing posts

Railing post locations were calculated and posts installed

Railing post locations were calculated and posts installed. Posts were notched and attached to the outside of the perimeter framing. One post was notched to fit around each deck corner. Stair railings were not needed. Coated metal tubes were used as railing balusters.


Estimated time for one side, including corner post: 7-8 hours.


Total approximate time for one side: 73-88 hours.


Why not post some photos of your project so we can see your progress?


Happy Building,

Posted 2013-10-31T23:41:26+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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