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where is the gift registry???????????

sister is registered at HD, but if there is one its a frikkin secret to the rest of the world.......


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Posted 2012-07-27T21:28:29+0000  by WTF_GIFT_REGIST WTF_GIFT_REGIST

2 years later, looks like Menards is still walking away with all that juicy wedding business...

Best wishes,

Posted 2014-11-26T01:27:40+0000  by jkoch
After reading this I went into Warrenton OR store and was told this could only be found online that they did not have access. Someone is lying.....
Posted 2014-02-05T02:56:03+0000  by mamabear04

This is terrible. I have been a loyal Home Depot customer for years but this is really testing my nerves. Last year my sister was tricked into spending hours registering in HD only to find that it was a waste of time because everyone could not access her registry. Now a year later a friend has spent time creating her registry and what a surprise it still does not work. HD should be ashamed of having employees at their customer service desk who flat out lie about the service offered or just stand and stare at you when you ask about it. I went to check on my friends registry and the employee got a confused look on their face and said, "um maam this is Home Depot we don't do gift registry, are you sure you aren't looking for a Home Goods Store?" then proceeded to laugh and roll his eyes with his buddy behind the counter. Ridiculous. I have never been more angry with an associate of a store or with a company as a whole. This is an epic let down by what used to be a quality store. I guess Lowes or Sears will be getting my business. Their associates have never been rude. EIther get rid of your registry or run it right. Don't only half commit to a service. 

Posted 2013-08-15T11:03:59+0000  by lesheffi
So after a wasted hour of trying to register with home depot i look here to find over a year ago this was commented on by the"social" team. If any contractor ever said they were working on the problem and still haven't found a solution in that time frame. I would definitely change contractors. So that goes for stores as well. Good bye home depot gift ideas and hello Sears
Posted 2013-07-14T00:33:07+0000  by avairgen

My Fiance and I recently did a gift registry at a Home Depot in Virginia Beach. We just bought our first house so what better place to register at then the HD. We were also told, like a few others on here, that we would be able to manage our registry online or that others would be able to view the list. This would work out great since the rest of our family lives in Pennsylvania and Michigan. But its a good thing I got on here today and tried to search for our registry. Im going to try the website given by the previous poster and hope everything from our list is available. This whole situation just adds to the list of headaches.


As for HD, the company needs to work on  the registry system. It looks like its been an issue for quite some time. The employees may also need more training at the customer service center becasue nobody knew how to start a registry. And please, get scanner guns. We had to write it all down on paper and we were in the store for 3 hrs.



Posted 2013-06-27T13:42:08+0000  by Judam
I created this acct to post. My daughter and I went to HD today to buy a gift for her friend who is registered. 2 employees at the info desk didn't even know there was a registry. The one woman who did, didn't know how to access it, so she texted her boss who was on lunch. While we were waiting we tried to access it online from my phone. Oh no, of course it's not available online! That would be too easy! After waiting about 20 minutes and after numerous attempts, they were finally able to print it. My question is, why does HD offer a gift registry when you are obviously not prepared to run it properly and make it easy and convenient for the customer? That is the purpose of a registry, to make shopping for a gift easy and convenient. You have no online access, and employees who either don't know about it or can't even access it. I won't recommend anyone I know to use your registry. It's not worth the hassle.
Posted 2013-06-20T17:46:28+0000  by CindyKP

There are some girft registries out there that will register your gifts from ANY site. So you have a single registry and you can choose gifts from all the sites that you like. I have not experienced it just yet, however, my friend is getting married and we were both panicking a bit about orgainizing the gifts and lists and the whole headache of people having to hunt down what they want to get her and her getting what she wants.

I hope Home Depot does not take this wrong but I am going to post two sites and because they do not have anything equavalent to it at this time, this should take the pressure off.

So, I hope that helps! I am off to tell her about it and choose one to simplify our headache!

Good luck to the happy couples to your birght futures!


Posted 2013-04-09T01:47:37+0000  by Amay

I just created an account to comment on this thread.  It's absolutely ridiculous that Home Depot doesn't have an online system or registry network that can be accessed from other stores.  Lowe's and Menard's are on my **bleep**list but HD doesn't have an online registry system.  Guess I'll go registrer for a few grand worth of items somewhere else.  

Posted 2013-03-26T00:23:22+0000  by armour248

I just registered at Home Depot. Customer service said that online and in store was not connect, however, I could create one online. They also told me that my guest could go to any Home Depot and not just the one I registered at. So this isn't true? Most of our families live 2 hours + from the store I registered at. 

Posted 2013-02-25T04:17:11+0000  by britann14
I agree with the rest of the posters. We are getting married this year and wish to register at Home Depot. Our guests live all over the United States and shop almost solely through the internet. We are hoping for gift cards but you cannot register those either. Please fix this and get the marketing team to let people know. You are missing out on a niche market that would rather have power tools than toaster ovens...and thats a shame.
Posted 2013-01-07T16:43:44+0000  by Ttiana
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