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Gift Ideas

where is the gift registry???????????

sister is registered at HD, but if there is one its a frikkin secret to the rest of the world.......


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Posted 2012-07-27T21:28:29+0000  by WTF_GIFT_REGIST WTF_GIFT_REGIST


I apologize for any confusion. The gift registries are not available online & stores are not linked together.

To view her registry you would have to go the exact location she registered with & the special services desk can print you the list. We are working on getting the registries available.

Apologies for the inconvenience. :(

Thanks for the inquiry, Nicki

Posted 2012-07-28T13:21:46+0000  by THDCustomerCare
Posted 2012-09-07T11:35:08+0000  by markriley59
Looking to create a registry, also. When will the online version be available?
Posted 2012-10-18T05:11:30+0000  by Aplatn

Apologies for the inconvenience, Aplatn, but we do not have an ETA on when the upgrade will be completed. As I stated in my earlier post in this thread, registration has to be done in your local HD store & the registry can be pulled/printed there at the local level upon request for guests to purchase from. The registry cannot be viewed from any locations except the one registered at or online.

- Thank you, Nicki

Posted 2012-10-18T16:12:09+0000  by THDCustomerCare

I went the store and wrote down all the codes that I needed.  The women behind the desk said we could go online and add the items as well as add more items.  Is it true that the store registry and the online one is not link.  If so, shouldn't your staff tell people that.  Also, if we register in store is it only available at that store.  Most of our guests would not be going to the Home Depot that I go to.  Can you please give more detail about the registry and if I were able to register online, where is it?   I find nothing on your website.


I have read nothing but horrible reviews about your registry on wedding websites, I am hoping there has been some improvement since those posts.  I would really like to register with Home Depot.

Posted 2012-12-10T02:34:50+0000  by ddegrand

Hi, Ddegrand.

I am very sorry for the misinformation provided to you by the store, as the registry is not available online for creation or simply viewing it.

Only the 1 store location you register in has the ability to view your registry. As of right now the registry is not viewable in all store locations or online.

Please email us the store location & the associate who advised you of this (if you can remember) so I can reach out to the store to let them know how the registry works to reduce confusion for other customers.

Thank you.

-Nicki (

Posted 2012-12-10T19:14:58+0000  by THDCustomerCare
I agree with the rest of the posters. We are getting married this year and wish to register at Home Depot. Our guests live all over the United States and shop almost solely through the internet. We are hoping for gift cards but you cannot register those either. Please fix this and get the marketing team to let people know. You are missing out on a niche market that would rather have power tools than toaster ovens...and thats a shame.
Posted 2013-01-07T16:43:44+0000  by Ttiana

I just registered at Home Depot. Customer service said that online and in store was not connect, however, I could create one online. They also told me that my guest could go to any Home Depot and not just the one I registered at. So this isn't true? Most of our families live 2 hours + from the store I registered at. 

Posted 2013-02-25T04:17:11+0000  by britann14

I just created an account to comment on this thread.  It's absolutely ridiculous that Home Depot doesn't have an online system or registry network that can be accessed from other stores.  Lowe's and Menard's are on my **bleep**list but HD doesn't have an online registry system.  Guess I'll go registrer for a few grand worth of items somewhere else.  

Posted 2013-03-26T00:23:22+0000  by armour248

There are some girft registries out there that will register your gifts from ANY site. So you have a single registry and you can choose gifts from all the sites that you like. I have not experienced it just yet, however, my friend is getting married and we were both panicking a bit about orgainizing the gifts and lists and the whole headache of people having to hunt down what they want to get her and her getting what she wants.

I hope Home Depot does not take this wrong but I am going to post two sites and because they do not have anything equavalent to it at this time, this should take the pressure off.

So, I hope that helps! I am off to tell her about it and choose one to simplify our headache!

Good luck to the happy couples to your birght futures!


Posted 2013-04-09T01:47:37+0000  by Amay
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