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where to install bike hook indoors

Hmm, there isn't really the right category for this- I guess this one seems closest. I'm trying to figure where would be the best place in a small apt. for a bike hook. The main thing is trying to find a stud. I went by the usual spacing where the studs should be, every 16-17". The area I picked is a small section of wall only 35" long. I tried finding the stud with a small nail first between 16-18" from the left edge, and couldn't tell the difference if one was across there or not. Is there an easier way to figure this, or do I just need to get one of those stud finders?

As far as stud finders, looks like Zircon models 61118 and 63918 would work. Anyone have experience with these?

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Posted 2011-12-13T12:07:58+0000  by Cyclist Cyclist



What kind of a screw would you recommend for a wall bike hook (mount)? And how long? 


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Posted 2014-01-09T18:18:28+0000  by ru55man
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