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white blotches on exterior door several days after painting. What is this?

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Posted 2013-07-10T22:12:56+0000  by roseite roseite

Hello roseite!


Most likely the residue you see on your door is a by-product of the drying process.


It is quite common on both doors and siding.


Your solution ... use a sponge and a gallon of warm water with two drops of detergent to clean the door, then rinse with cool water from your hose.


Two cleanings may be required if the residue is heavy.

Posted 2013-07-11T12:14:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL




Just a few questions in search of a good answer:  Was this oil or latex paint? Was it a very dark color? Was it very humid when the painting was done? Does this door get hit by rain?



Posted 2013-07-11T15:54:42+0000  by ordjen

This is latex paint.  It is a dark red.  No it was not humid.  No rain hits the door.

Posted 2013-07-11T22:08:50+0000  by roseite
It comes off when wiped with a damp cloth but in a few days we see it surface again.
Posted 2013-07-11T22:10:32+0000  by roseite
We used Behr Paint with Primer..latex.
Posted 2013-07-11T22:13:35+0000  by roseite



I think you are experiencing a problem called "surfactant leeching" which is not uncommon in latex paints, especially those which are loaded with colorant. Unfortunately, there is no real cure except to keep wiping the surface as Pat suggested. Eventually, the soap like  substance appearing on the surface should stop "leeching". I asked about rain and humidity because these factors tend to aggravate the situation. This problem can be seen in interior baths which have strong colors and the baths get steamed up.


If the problem really "bugs" you, oil paints do not exhibit this trait, but that would require repainting the door. :(


Hope this helps at least explain what is probably going on.

Posted 2013-07-11T23:23:27+0000  by ordjen

That is precisely correct Ordjen!


Very common and cleaning is the simple solution ... as you note, it may require several cleanings.

Posted 2013-07-23T14:31:01+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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