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white paint has gray tint when dry

I need help... I bought the speed wall matte flat color matte white and painted the room white. It came out perfect. The trouble Im am having is that I did a fe touch ups around the house and when the paint dried it looks as if I used gray on my white walls.... What can I do? How do I make the touch ups white... No I dont have left over paint from two years ago when I painted the walls white and no I dont remember the brand... Any one please help... Thanks. D.

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Posted 2012-10-24T16:12:11+0000  by Aspen18 Aspen18



First, a few observations about paints. Most manufacturers who market a "White" paint have already grayed down the white a little. They do this to increase the coverage. also, pure white paint can be somewhat cold.


Further, many lesser grades of paint are not pure white because of the use of lesser, less costly pigments. T hese are not as white as the titanian dioxide which is used in premium paints as the white pigment. Frankly, SpeedWall is one of these lesser "contractor grade" paints. It is a Glidden product.


I would suggest you try using either the Glidden 9000 or 9011 flat white. The Glidden paint uses only pure premium titanium dioxide as its pigment. The 9011 is the pure white used for tinting clear, bright colors. The 9000 has been slightly tinted and is just slightly gray by comparison.. I think one of these will be much closer to your existing paint. Should they not be, if you bring in a sample of the wall paint, they can be color matched by the computer to match your walls.


Hope this has helped


Posted 2012-10-25T05:17:50+0000  by ordjen

Hello Aspen18!


This is that age-old question ... Is all white paint the same?


As Ordjen described so well, they are not all the same. Every manufacturer has their own process for producing white.


Color matching white can be one of the more difficult matching tasks. There is so little tint in white that slight variations often produced.


When I match white, I repeat the scan several times until I get an exact repeat of the formula.


Cut a one-inch square of the surface paper from your sheetrock and handle it as little as possible. Carrying the sample in an envelope or baggie is a great way to keep from contaminating the color.


At The Paint Pit, ask your Paint Associate carefully match the sample.


I like Ordjen's suggestion ... use the Glidden Interior Flat. Quarts are available.


This should help make quick work of your touchup.


NOTE: You might consider lightly sanding the gray spots with 220-grit sandpaper before applying your new white. This will help minimize gray show-through and should reduce visible brush marks.


FINALLY: When touching up, I try to let my brush run out of paint as I "feather" my brush stokes away from the spot. This provides the greatest opportunity for the new paint to blend into the old.

Posted 2012-10-25T14:00:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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