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will wallpapter hurt libary paneling ?

i rent a house and have the uglyest wall paneling and i can't paint. i was wondering if wallpager would hurt the paneling? or if there was someting else i could do to cover it up?


thanks for your time



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Posted 2013-05-14T00:54:40+0000  by msbavuso msbavuso

One thing you can do is pick a fabric you like and use spray starch to apply it to the wall. Steam will get the "wallpaper" to release and it is right back to it's ugly old self when you are ready to move or just for a change.  And this will not harm the existing wall.

Posted 2013-05-14T01:24:22+0000  by starkmadd




First, wallpaper will not stick to slick paneling without some type of bonding agent, either one of the products sold for this purpose, or  priming first with an oil primer.


Secondly, wallpaper paste is mostly water. That paste/ water is then put on a wooden substrate and held there for many hours. Most modern papers have a plastic coating on them which greatly slows down the evaporation of the water in the paste. This  is guaranteed to do some damage to the wood which would be apparent when the wallpaper was removed.


Last, paneling has grooves. If the grooves are not first filled, or a a heavy liner paper placed over it first, the grooves will show. There is also the possiblity of movement  between paneling boards, or paneling sheets with the seasonal changes, causing wrinkles in the wallpaper.


In short, in your situation, hanging wallpaper over the paneling is a very bad idea!

Posted 2013-05-14T06:08:19+0000  by ordjen
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