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I am looking to install a gila energy window film in my home (unless you would recommend a better product).  My question is, is there a discernable difference between the heat and titanium products.  Both in performance and in the change in clarity of the window.


Moreover, how much will the addition of these products change the color and clarity of the window.  on they are listed as grey and/or metallic color, but I don't want a dramatic change in the apperance of the window.


Thank You


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Posted 2011-04-08T20:58:12+0000  by mdavey mdavey

Hey there Mike,


So it looks like you picked out Gila over the other products from the previous post.


If you are looking for energy saving and keeping the UV out, you picked out the best one we sell:smileyhappy:


As for visually seeing the discrepancies between the clarity in the window of what you see out, the Titanium I have seen tends to be a bit thicker spec-wise than the heat type, however, I will let you decide on actually viewing those yourself. In your situation, I would avoid the Bronze film due to its slight coloration that would change the viewing colors outside of your window. 


First, I will give you a link to Gila Films webpage that has sample visualizers so you can see the difference yourself! Here is the link to this resource: Gila Film Visualizer


In fact, Gila's website as you navigate it will have lots of additional specs you can discern so you can judge what would be the best film for your windows. Most of Gila's products will allow for seeing through the window from the inside and not compromise the look of your window looking dramatically different from your other windows in the house. 


All Home Depot stores have these products available for you to look in our Decor department as well. Best of all, there is a physical sample of all the films that Gila sells, so you can compare/contrast the look you want for your windows.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-04-09T18:45:08+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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