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wiring inlet box to panel

hello, i want to install an inlet box for my generator on the outside of my house,i have everything i need except i dont know what kind of wire to get to go from the inlet box to the elecrical panel inside the basement. i will be using the interlock kit for the gen .it  has  a 30 amp plug. i need to know what size  wire i should use for this.i also need to get  a breaker for the panel ,it needs 2 spaces,if anyone has done this setup before please chime in for me

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Posted 2012-02-12T00:38:27+0000  by shuggy shuggy
I am running NM 10-3 (indoor variety) from a PB-30 outdoor receptacle to my panel.  I have already installed a generator interlock and a 30 amp dual pole circuit breaker.  My question involves which hot wire to attach to which terminal on the breaker.  I hooked the black to the X wire connector in the receptacle and red to the Y connector. The breaker has a brass and a silver terminal.  Does it make a difference which one I use?  I have already read about the white and ground going to the bus bar.  I have space for both on the bar (I had a new panel installed a couple of years ago when I had increased circuits installed in the garage).
Posted 2017-06-12T02:43:30+0000  by captainharman
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