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wood router shy like gun shy

I chunked up 2 fingers using too small of a piece of wood trying out my new router n table. How do I safely get reintroduced to my router n table?

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Posted 2012-02-21T01:12:09+0000  by rdodger rdodger

Hey RDodger!


Sorry to learn about your mishap ... hope all is well now!


Power tools are a never-ending source of injury and hands are among the first to feel the pain.


Here are several steps I follow when routing:




1) Make certain the router is unplugged or the power switch is in the off position;

2) Inspect the router bit to ensure that the cutting surface is neither dull nor damaged; this could make the bit skip;

3) Apply clamps to secure your work to your work table or make certain the router is securely fastened if it mounts to/under the table;

4) Power-up the router making sure it is not in contact with your work ... this could cause skipping;

5) Once the router reaches full speed, start at one end and work slowly down the board while maintaining constant pressure against the router stop (table router);

6) Make certain to spread your hands on either side of the router bit, changing grip as your hands approach the cutting zone; and

7) Routers have "grips" ... when routing free-hand make certain both hands remain on the grips during power-up and until fully powered-down. These grips are designed to keep your hands away of moving parts ... use them at all times!!!


Finally, your router should have safety instructions as well as instructions for changing bits ... read them, then read them again.


You know, RDodger, like every other craftsman, my hands are very important to me. They give me the ability to perform countless tasks. Take every measure possible to ensure that they remain safe.


NOTE: I prefer to work from the side that sends the discharge away from me ... as opposed to directly at me. This alone will improve your vision, improve your work, and improve your safety.





Posted 2012-02-21T13:21:29+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Consider using something like these:

It's a push block and a featherboard. Just like with a table saw, you can use various styles of push blocks and feather boards with your router table. These are both from, but you can also build your own in whatever style suits the purpose at hand.

Posted 2012-03-03T19:37:53+0000  by Paul
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