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wooden balcony

how do you waterproof a plywood balcony?
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Posted 2015-08-03T20:56:47+0000  by golo golo
Hi golo!

Most unfinished wood can be treated with products that contain both colorant as well as waterproofing.

Three examples are:

Plywood is manufactured in grades and the adhesive used to create the wood "plys" varies by grade.

Before beginning your project, make certain to purchase plywood designed for exposure to exterior elements ... rain, sunlight, temperature changes, etc.

Your local Building Material Associates can discuss the grades of plywood you should use when you discuss your balcony project with them.

However, simply adding waterproofing to products not intended for exterior exposure will not properly protect them from the elements.

Make certain to start with building material designed for your application.
Posted 2015-08-04T15:35:57+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello golo and welcome to the Community.

Basically plywood is designed to be an underlayment material.  It is not intended to be exposed to the elements.  For wall plywood is covered by a house wrap and then exterior cladding like brick, vinyl or fiber cement siding, stucco is added to shield it from the elements.

On a roof or in your case a balcony, again plywood is an underlayment that should be shielded from the weather by being covered up by some type of top layer.  Roof coatings are not designed for foot traffic and require that a method of drainage be employed.  It can be as simple as a low slope to allow for run off. Then a water proof covering is applied. An example of a coating is 36 in. x 36 ft. Desert Tan Mineral Surface Low-Slope Roll roofing by Owens Corning and how it is applied.


After the water proof coating, a walking surface should be installed.  The following is a link to Outdoor Deck Tiles.  They are a light weight snap together walking surfaces that allow for drainage.  And you can take them with you if you move. Here is an example UltraShield 12 in. x 12 in. Peruvian Teak Outdoor Composite Quick Deck Tile.  Click on the box with the arrow, below the picture of the product to view the installation video.



If you do not need to protect what is below the balcony, you may want to consider removing the plywood and replacing it with deck boards.

If you have additional questions or factor you would like to share I would enjoy hearing back from you.

Thanks for the inquiry.


Posted 2015-08-04T17:02:03+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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