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workforce Power Washer RECOIL Starter

I have a workforce power washer which I love - runs great. I accidentally had the spring pop out on me while changing the pull rope. I cannot find anyone that is able to repair it since they cannot find parts. WHO CAN HELP as it seems the spring is shot at this point. I may need a new recoil start or may simply be a new spring. Home Depot reps have not been able to help!!!! Can anyone guide me????
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Posted 2015-06-21T01:39:19+0000  by nydgnyc nydgnyc
Hopefully one of the Home Depot employees here will have some useful information.  If not...

I'm assuming this isn't a name brand engine (Briggs, Honda, Kohler, etc).  If that is the case, it is probably made by some Chinese company that makes engines under a dozen different names and maybe be next to impossible to find parts.  Are there any names, markings, numbers, or anything on the engine that might help to identify it?

If you can find something that identifies the engine, my next suggestion would be Google.  You might also look for online forums about small engine repair.  You may get lucky and find someone who has had a similar engine.
Posted 2015-06-21T22:31:50+0000  by Adam444
Hey nydgnyc,

As Adam recommended, these parts are identified by motor manufacturer and are typically ordered online.

If you happen to have a Briggs and Stratton engine, these replacement parts are available on our site.

Your other resource includes our Tool Rental Associates who regularly send equipment out for repair.
Posted 2015-06-23T22:34:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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