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workspace loft above closet (drywall)

I just moved into an apartment of a restored mill building. The ceilings are 20+ feet high and in the master there are 2 closets that have storage space above. We're very tight on space in the room and would like to put (temp) flooring on top of the closets from wall to wall including the span of the gap between closets. The space itself is meant for storage so I know for a fact it can hold a good amount of weight. But could it hold a workspace? When I say workspace I mean a small desk no more then 20 pounds. A light plastic chair, a few plastic storage containers and obviously 1 person 100 pounds or so. We've (her 100ish pounds me a lot more) walked around up there with ease but my concern is adding the flooring might add to much weight causing a break in the drywall.

Closet details- The span from wall to wall is 9L x 5W. The closet has a mettle frame around the shape and 2 studs along the top. The drywall itself seems to be over an inch thick and very sturdy when I push on it.

Flooring ides - either lay several 2x6 boards across the area wall to wall or make a frame. Then place a thick piece of plywood on top of that.

any ideas??




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Posted 2012-12-07T19:08:50+0000  by itmutt itmutt

Hi itmutt,


If the walls and the header above the closet door are constructed "properly" than I don’t see a problem with you  building a space above the closets.


With properly I am referring to conventional framing and having top and bottom plates with studs spaced out every 16" on center.

You are on the right track when it comes to the platform construction.

2x6 boards spaced out every 16" on center with a 3/4 subfloor grade APA approved plywood on top of it should be more than sufficient.


You've left out railings.


Railings would be required for this project due to the height of the space and use (you've mentioned setting up a desk).

To keep the cost low, style and type of the railings and stairs can be similar to the ones used in deck construction.


Here’s the video related  to building railings and stairs that you can refer to as well.

 deck stairs and railings.jpg

Hope this helps,



Posted 2012-12-17T18:53:04+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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