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yellowing leaves on new dogwood plant- why?

This plant has been in the ground since May (about 6 weeks now).  The leaves have started yellowing from the center of the plant.  I fertilized it when I planted it with 10-10-10 pellets (very lightly) and I have watered it about every other day.   Is too much water the cause?
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Posted 2018-06-21T14:39:40+0000  by DickB DickB

Greetings DickB,

Dogwoods are such lovely trees and add graceful beauty to any landscape!

Did you add apply the 10-10-10 as a top dressing after planting, did you mulch around the tree?

Sometimes adding fertilizer directly on the roots, if added to the hole will cause a bit of root burn, (I see that you said “lightly”)  hopefully it was around the top of the newly planted Dogwood.

The weather in Massachusetts has been up and down, some extremely hot days and some incredibly beautiful days…and now the dryness is upon us. Is the site a well-drained spot, does the soil seem to dry over night? You seem to be following new tree planting procedure, if the soil is stays wet between watering, cut back to every other day.

Did you mulch right up to the trunk? If so, pull back the mulch so the water can percolate down to the roots….If you did not mulch I suggest that you do, keeping the mulch at least 18 inches from the trunk. The mulch will help to keep the tree moist, and keep the roots insulated and the weeds from creeping in.

Stop by your local Home Depot, (West Roxbury) and pick up a bottle of “Up-Start” to add to your watering, it will aid the tree in adjusting and help with the stress of taking root in its new home.

Most trees will lose a few leaves adjusting to a new home, clean up any yellow leaves that have fallen and don’t be surprise if a few more fall, give your tree a bit of time.

Let us know how things are growing, or stop by The West Roxbury, Home Depot for more advice, I would be happy to show you the transplanting solution, Up-Start.


Posted 2018-06-21T18:58:37+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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