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zoysia lawn care

I re-sodded my lawn with zoysia last month and it has done great.  It's fully rooted and I've cut it twice.  I have a few questions about caring for my new lawn.  First, we've had a lot of rain a few weeds have popped up.  Is it safe to weed and feed now and if so, what's the best way to control those weeds?  Also, is there anything I need to do in the fall as the lawn goes dormant?  And finally, what do I need to consider in the spring when it bounces back?  Just planning ahead...

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Posted 2013-07-16T15:01:17+0000  by doughenning doughenning

Greetings doughening,


It is great to hear that your new zoysia lawn is doing so well!


No, I do not suggest that you weed and feed now. The lawn is to young in my opinion, coupled with the summer heat....That application would cause more harm than good!


I suggest that you just take the time to manually remove the weeds, it totally is the best practice at this point!


As for a fall fertilizer, check the back of the Scots: Turf Builder Bag, for the appropriate time to apply in your region.


A pre emergent, application in the early spring, late winter will most likely control weeds next season!


Happy mowing!     Maureen



Posted 2013-07-16T16:45:25+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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