DIY Halloween Pinecone Monster Wreath

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Halloween decorations are as popular and traditional now as Christmas decorations
have always been.

We spend a great deal of time preparing our homes for Halloween parties and putting
up decorations as a welcoming call for all our trick-o-treaters.

On my block one house tries to outdo the next, the competition is great, creepy, and
festive. Cars and mini vans with loads of children come to my Boston neighborhood and spend hours happily haunting door steps, gathering and collecting bags full of delicious, sweet, treats.

I like all the animated and blow up decorations that have infiltrated the days
of Halloween, but I truly enjoy the purity of a great carved Jack-o-Lantern with the flickering candle light. I just love the true spirit of this harvest holiday and the celebration of all the vegetation; the mums, the gourds, the grasses and the almighty pumpkin!

I found a great wreath recipe that is made of another natural element of the season,
pinecones. Pinecones are not just for Christmas! Just add some spray paint, googly eyes, jagged teeth, and a bow to create the sweetest monster wreath ever!

Follow the steps and create an original Googly Eyed Monster Wreath!


What You Need For This Project

10 inch foam wreath form
2 Foam balls
1 ½ inch -  2 inch ribbon
1.5 centimeter ribbon
White foam board
Green spray paint  

Pinecones (various sizes)                
Hot glue gun & glue sticks     
Black marker      
Scissors/ Utility knife


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Step 1: Glue Pinecones to Your Wreath Form

Start the gluing process by attaching the larger cones first to the outer rim then filling in with the medium and small pinecones. (Tip: use a toothpick to hold the cones in place while glue dries.) Spray paint the pinecones and wreath form green (or the color of your choice.)

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Step 2: Create The Eyeballs

Using a black sharpie, create eyes on the foam balls. (Note: Making the black eyeballs different sizes will create a fun, goofy look.)

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Step 3: Create Bowtie

Cut a piece of the larger ribbon (approximately 12”) and a piece of the smaller ribbon (approximately 3”). Fold the ends of the larger piece of ribbon, so that the ends meet in the middle. Apply glue in the middle to hold it in place. Wrap the small piece of ribbon around the center to cover and create a bow.

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Step 4: Create The Monster Teeth

Cut teeth wedges of different sizes from a foam board (approximately 1-1.5 inches).


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Step 5: Assemble The Monster Face

Using a hot glue gun, secure the eyeballs, teeth, and bowtie in place.
(Note: you can create a girl monster by placing your bowtie on top of the wreath as a hair bow)

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Happy Halloween!

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DIY Halloween Pinecone Monster Wreath