Halloween - Large Spider Egg Sack



SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner

TIME:  6-8 Hours (Including dry time.)

COST:  $15.




Cheese Cloth                    

All Purpose Glue             

Big Mouth Bucket            

Nylon Invisible Hanging Wire     





Step 1

Inflate the balloon to the desired size and tie it off. Tie a piece of string to the end and hang it in the location that you will be working.


Step 2

Open the cheese cloth till you have 2 layers. Then position it under the balloon and raise it to the top making sure that you leave enough to overlap the edges and cut it to size.  


Step 3

In mid-size bowl mix 2 part all-purpose glue with 1 part water until it’s completely mix together. Place the cheese cloth in the mixture and thoroughly mix it to ensure that all of the cheese cloth is covered. Remove the cheese cloth and squeeze it till it doesn’t drip anymore. It should still be very wet just not dripping.  

    Big Mouth Bucket.jpg All Purpose Glue.jpg Cheese Cloth.jpg

Step 4

Position the cheese cloth over the balloon in the same manner that you did to measure it. Make sure that all of the edges are over lapping. Don’t cover the knot of the balloon; this is where you’re going to take the balloon out. Let it dry completely. Do not try and remove the balloon till it has dried completely.


Step 5

Carefully deflate the balloon. You may need to pull it a little bit to get it to release from the cheese cloth. Remove it thru the hole in the top where the end of the balloon was.


Step 6

Place it in a small bowl so that it will stand up. Glue a bunch of spiders on the bottom and then work your way up till you’re happy with the way it looks. Tie a piece of string to the top and hang it.


**Hang more spiders from the sides and bottom for additional effect.


**I have to give credit where credit is due. GardenGail made this project.