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The Home Depot Community is a resource for people needing help or inspiration on their home improvement projects. The Community is made up of Home Depot Associates, other Do-It-Yourselfers, and professional contractors who are all interested in sharing information and ideas about projects around the home. You can search the community for your question, and if you can't find an answer ask a question of our community of experts. An expert yourself, then feel free to pitch in and contribute your own answers and ideas to our growing community.

The Home Depot Community has two types of content: Questions which come from our community, and Project Ideas, which are produced by our team of Home Depot Associates who are experts in their field. Questions have Comments associated with them which are the answers or replies by our community experts and other DIYers with their ideas on the discussion. Questions can also have Likes to indicate how popular the Discussion was.  Project Ideas on the other hand, are articles created by our Home Depot Associates and contain how-to guides on a wide range of home improvement and craft projects.

Read further for a detailed explanation of the features of our site:

On the homepage, you can Search for answers to your questions, view featured content in our Highlights section, Trending Discussions within the community, our Community Leaderboard and browse Questions and Project Ideas by Topic Categories. Type your results into the search bar and results matching your question will automatically be shown. If you see your question in the results, click on that question and you will be taken to that question page where you can view the full question and all it's responses. If you don't see your question, click on the magnifying glass icon to go to a detailed search page, where you can filter the results by topic category and sort the results. 

The Highlights section provides links to popular Discussions, Project Ideas, and community Experts. Check back every week to view new content chosen by our community leaders! The Trending Discussions section displays Questions that are currently popular within the community based on the number of likes and replies they have received. Our Community Leaderboard displays our top community contributors based on the number of Answers they have provided and Likes they have received. Click on the leader's nickname to view their profile page and all the contributions they have made.

All Project Ideas and Questions are organized into Topic Categories based on the type of project they are associated with. You can view all Categories by clicking on the Topic Categories name or the + sign. Select the Category of interest to you to view all Questions and Project Ideas for the Category you selected.

Detailed Search
The detailed search is used when you cannot find the answer to your project question using the quick search on the homepage. It is also accessed when you select one of the Topic Categories from the homepage. The detailed search shows all Questions and Project Ideas matching your question, and allows you to sort and filter the result to help you more quickly find the answer to your question. Below is an explanation of the filters and sort options available:

  • Show: By default you can "Everything" which are all Questions and Project Ideas matching your question. You can also choose to see only Questions by select "All Questions". If you are one of our community experts, you can look for Questions which still need an answer by selecting "Unanswered Questions", or you can find Questions where the person who asked the Question hasn't yet selected a Best Answer by filtering by "Unsolved Questions". Finally, you can choose to only see questions where the person who asked the Question selected a Best Answer by filtering on "Solved Questions".
  • Within: By default you will see Questions and Project ideas for "All Categories", however, if there are too many results to choose from, you can select to view Questions within a specific Category. Selecting one of the Project idea categories will display Project Ideas from our Home Depot experts and community members
  • Sort: You can sort your results by popularity, the default and based upon the number of Comments and Likes. Additionally you can choose to sort by the "Date Posted" of the Question or Project Idea". Finally, you can sort results that have had recent activity based on Comments or Likes.

The results of your search show the Question or Project Idea title, the number of Likes it has received, the number of Comments it has received, how long ago the post was made, and the community Nickname of the person who originally posted the Question or Project Idea. You can tell whether a post is a Project Idea because it will have a picture of the project and an orange "Project idea" flag. You can also quickly identify posts throughout the site that have been made by our team of Home Depot Associates, because they will have the orange apron flag next to their profile picture.

Post a Question
If you can't find the answer to your question within our community, try posting a question yourself. You must be a community member to post a question, see Sign In / Register for instructions on how to sign in and register to the site. When posting a question, we ask you for three pieces of information: the Category, Title, and Question Description. The Category will help us to get your question to the appropriate expert faster and help other community members find your question if they need help on the same issue. The Title should take the form of a question, or an appropriate title if you are sharing your own project idea. In the Question Description please share as many details as possible, including photos if you have them. This will help our team of experts and future DIYers with the same question. Once you have posted your Question, you will receive an email when someone replies to it.

Question Detail Page
When viewing the details of a question you can view the original question (Category, Title & Description), when it was posted and by whom (the author's nickname). You can also view all the replies to that question. Replies are sorted so that the Best Answer appears first, and then the most recent post on top, down to the last post on the bottom. Several Questions are very popular and may have several pages of replies. You can also view how popular a question is by the number of Likes it has received and the number of comments. If you are signed in, you can like the Question or Comment yourself, add a your own Comment to the discussion, or Report a Question or Comment if you deem it to be inappropriate. Just as with posting a Question, you can add formatting to your Comment and your own photos. For Project 

Project Idea Detail Page
The Project Idea pages are just like the Question Detail page except instead of Liking a Project Idea, you can give it a five-star rating and feedback or comments on Project Ideas is not supported at this time.

Profile Pages

You can learn more about our community of experts and Do-It-Yourselfers by selecting a person's nickname wherever it appears in the site, to view the community member's profile page. The profile page will display the following information about a user
  • Nickname: Only user's nicknames, not their actual name is ever visible in the site
  • Profile Picture: If the user has chosen to display one
  • Reputation Level: Based on the number of Comments added and Likes received. Home Depot Associates will have the orange "Home Depot Expert" reputation
  • Hometown
  • Joined Date
  • Posts: The number of Questions asked or Project Ideas created. 
  • Answers: The number of Answers given to Questions
  • Likes: The number of Likes the user has received on their Questions or Comments
  • About Me: Information the user has entered about themselves

Below the user information are all Questions, Comments and Project Ideas a user has created on the site. By default it shows all their activity, but by selecting one of the Posts, Answers, or Likes boxes their activity will filter to only display Questions or Project Ideas they have created, Questions they have added Comments to, or Questions and Comments they have posted that have received Likes, respectively.  Selecting one of the Questions or Project Ideas will take you to the Detail page for that post.

If you have logged in, you can edit your own profile by selecting the Welcome "Your Nickname" link at the top of the page. Select the edit buttons to edit your Nickname, hometown, email address and password. You can also choose to not receive updates when someone replies to your questions or questions you have chosen to Stay Updated on.

Sign In & Register
To post questions or add comments to The Home Depot Community, you must be a registered user. No personal information such as your name or email will be shared with other community members, they can only see your Nickname, Hometown, and profile picture, should you choose to add one. To register with the site, select the Sign In button at the top of every page. In the right hand side of the page, in the Register section, fill out the your basic contact information and click Submit. You will receive an email with your username and temporary password. Use this information to log into the site in the Sign In section. You will then be prompted to change your password to one you can remember. You are then ready to start contributing to the community!

Users of the old Community will need to reset their password to sign into the new community. Please use the Forgot Password link to receive a new temporary password and enter those credentials in the Sign In section. You can then reset your password. Your username will now be your email address.
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